Switcher smart controller

easy to use App to fully customize your backup heater

* Turn your electric backup on from anywhere, anytime

*Create a single / multiple backup schedule according to your needs 

*Receive real time notifications when backup is turned on 

*Get real time analysis of your energy expenses and costs 

*Set a timer for backup usage 

*Control up to 10 units from a single user name 

*Internal memory - even if your WIFI network is down - Switcher will operate according to your settings 

*Save money and energy by smart control 

In line, house-hold anti scaling protection filter

Perfect to protect the household against rust, debris, sand, suspended particles & water hardness

Reduces Hardness, water coloration and rust very efficiently. Prevents pipe clogging and helps preserve solar water heater system and other home appliances. Siliphos balls are inexpensive and easily replaceable. 

Water softener refill

Siliphos balls in replaceable cartridge

Siliphos balls- Silicone and poly-phosphors balls help prevent Calc build up, water coloring and rust. Easy replacement process.  

Magnesium Sacrificial anode

For corosion protection in the tank

Replace every 1-3 years

Insolated copper tube

16 mm

16 mm copper tube with high density, UV resistant insulation jacket. White color.

Grundfos Circulating pump

UPS 25-20

For forced circulation units. 220V. One year warranty. 

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Temperature control mixing valve

3/4'' limits hot water to 52 Celcius (125F) manufactured by Caleffi (Italy)

Mixes the hot water from the tank with cold water to regulate the temperature to 125° F. 

Brass Connectors


We supply all the connectors for installing a SWH system

In-line Filter

1/2" Brass

Prevents objects from entering the pump in forced circulation systems 

Check valve

1/2" x 3/4" Brass

3-way check valve 

Pressure relief valve

1/2" , 8atm, Brass

releases the pressure buildup in a tank

Electric heating element


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