• $59.00

    Anode, magnesium

    250mm/33mm, 315mm/33mm, 350mm/33mm

    replacement anode for Chromagen tank interior. Protects tank interior against rust and corrosion.

  • $78.50

    Electric element replacement

    2500W various lengths, Bent

  • $498.00

    Grundfos UPS 25-20 hot water circulation pump

    3/4" union threaded connection

    220V, 25/45/65W hot water circulation pump for forced circulation installations

  • $135.00

    Amiad water conditioning replacement cartridge

    Set of 3

    Siliphos balls, a plant based silica and poly-phospors balls, help prevent hardness buildup by converting the calcium to Aragonite, preventing scaling of devices. Help prevent calcification, water coloring and rust. Simple and easy replacment process

  • $190.00

    Caleffi temperature control mixing valve

    manufactured in Italy

    3/4" limits the hot water to 125F (52C) to prevent scalding and pipe damage,

  • $189.00

    Amiad house-hold appliance protection filter and water conditioner

    Easy to install and maintain. Stainless-steel mesh is washable and the Siliphos cartridge is easily replaced in minutes.

    The Amiad house-hold filter helps prevent appliance damage from rust, debris, hardness and suspended solids. It uses a 50-micron fine stainless-stell mesh and a Siliphos cartridge to reduce limescale. Protects your house appliances such as water heaters, washers, coffee makers etc.

  • $399.00

    GE heavy duty mechanical boxtimer switch

    Easy to use module for the Chromagen unit electric backup. Set it up once and never worry about hot water again! This product helps save on energy consumption and works with the integral unit thermostat.

    GE Heavy-Duty Mechanical Box Timer Switch, Metal, Tamper Resistant, Voltage, 120, 240, 277, NEMA 3R-Rated, Indoor, Ideal for Pool Pumps, Water Heaters, Outdoor Lights, 46536, 24-Hour Universal VAC

  • $54.00

    Pressure release valve, 1/2", 8ATM

    brass body, spring mechanism

    safety feature in all water heating systems

  • $56.00

    Brass line filter, 1/2", stainless-steel mesh

    Protect pumps and appliances from debris and suspended solids

  • $$$

    Brass connectors

    various connectors, 1/2" and 3/4", Brass, for solar hot water system installation

  • $1087.00

    Copper tube, UV insulated, 16mm

    for long lasting pipe insulation

    25M / 82ft roll

  • $445.00

    Differential controller for circulation pump

    220V, 50/60HZ, includes 2 sensors in housing

    For optimization of circulation pump operation. The thermal sensors located on the solar and inside the hot water tank send data to the control unit, which determines the operation of the circulation pump. reduces energy consumption, heat loss and increases pump life.


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