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Solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors

Chromagen is a world wide leader in commercial and industrial solar hot water systems

Offering tailor made solutions for your project, including professional design and support.

We offer:

Preliminary project assessment including system design

 ROI calculations and energy savings

Company engineers accompany project progression

 Professional installation

 Post project Support & follow up


For additional material on commercial or industrial projects and a preliminary meeting,

 contact us today to discuss your projects needs and learn about the special affiliate deals we can offer your company!


DFC will work with you to finance your project! Special low interest loans for renewable energy investments - ask us today! 


Chromagen's engineers will design the most suitable and economic system for your needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation meeting.

Hospitals, Hotels & Industrial – integrated solar water heating


Hotels, hospitals and certain industries such as poultry, clothes

production and food processing, have often high demand for hot water,

causing energy costs to be high, accordingly.

Thus, the savings in operational cost are potentially high, hand in hand

with reduction in fossil fuels use.

Chromagen offers to integrate a solar water heating systems with the

existing heating system in place. This can be done by using a collector field to heat the water, which is stored in individual or central tanks, and then flows via the same distribution system as the previous heating system. This economical setup greatly reduces the heating delta of the existing system, yet retaining it as an automatic back up.

Hotels and apartment buildings – central forced circulation systems


A central system for large quantities of hot water utilizing a central

collector field.

We assess the size & number of collectors according to:

 Energy demand

 Climate conditions and solar radiation output

 Quantity of hot water needed and the required water temperature


Chromagen collectors are designed for maximum solar radiation absorption, using the highest grade materials that promise product efficiency for many years.

Forced circulation systems utilize an energy efficient circulation pump, valves and differential-thermostat control units to circulate water or alternative liquids (such as glycol) through the collector field. 

Most large forced circulation systems today are closed loop systems, using alternative liquids to absorb the heat from the solar radiation, creating a separation between the water and the collector pipes. These systems have distinct advantages in low temperature zones, hard water conditions and can prolong the life span of the entire system by preventing frost & scale build -up in the collectors, thus increasing their life span and energy efficiency.


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