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HomeBioGas- changing conceptions

I recently returned from the region of Jalpatagua in Guatemala, were i was assisting to install 12 Homebiogas systems for the local people of the nearby villages. The ability to provide people with clean cooking gas, bio-toilets and natural fertilizer for their garden is very gratifying. Headed by Yair Teller, the CTO of Homebiogas, we all gained a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience. Aided by the guidance of Mr Edgar, the community leader, we were welcomed into the family homes, learned of their needs and went to work supplementing the households with clean cooking gas, toilets where needed, and fertilizer for their small gardens. Eliminating the need to collect excess firewood, cooking under smokey conditions or living without basic sanitary means - the Homebiogas system truly does make life better for people. Now we take on Belize!

If your interested in donating for a family to receive a Homebiogas system or want to take part in installing units in rural areas - please contact us!

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